Taste great wines, the flavours of Etyek and the magic of the countryside!

Dear Friends!

I first became interested in oenology as a hobby in 1999, after falling in love with the atmosphere of the vineyards of Budapest and the romanticism of Etyek. What began as a pastime, with an initial production of just four barrels a year, evolved into a way of life in few years: it has expanded into a several-hectare vineyard producing 30,000 bottles of wine each year. The one-man enterprise has turned into a family estate: my wife, my brother, and my son are my partners, always by my side in this passion project.

However, we are not only concerned with the fate of our winery, but also that of Etyek, the wine region and Hungarian wine in general.

I am very grateful for this lifelong pursuit, a labor of love that I hope to pass on to future generations. We are blessed with a wonderful team who are devoted to creating a memorable experience for visitors to our estate. They will guide you through the flavors of Etyek, introduce you to the terroir of our vineyards, and help you feel the magic and romance of the countryside.

We would be honored to welcome you at Rókusfalvy Birtok!

Best regards,
Pál Rókusfalvy

Etyeki Piknik

In 2013, we launched a new series of events in Etyek that preserves the values of Pincefesztivál and Kezes-lábos Festival, but brings a completely new thematic idea to the town.


The e-tyek application is a guide to the experience, which offers Etyek (and Etyek-Buda wine).

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